Am I Selfie Obsessed?

A world filled with technologies gives options never dreamed of before.  Once phones, cameras, and communication through the air did not exist.  Then they existed as individual items, each used in their own place and time.  Now we stand at a time when all of these come together in one place and thus:  the Selfie, never thought or dreamed of before is a possibility, a fad, and commonplace in the communication of our connected world.

Whatever the opportunities in different times and cultures however, there are some things that seem unchanging.  People have always had, in some way or another, the tendency to make life all about them.  You do not have to have a camera and a Selfie stick to be self-centered.   As Christians, we are called to be aware however, of the influences of the world we live in that takes us away from the ways and purposes of God for our lives in Christ.   I wonder, would Jesus have ever taken a selfie?  Or would he be more fond of Groupies? Would Jesus have a special place for his own personal moments to be recorded; or would he value the pics with the kids on his lap, the disciples in the boat, or the people that surrounded his life.

Philippians 2:4 says, “Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.”  As Christians,  maybe a selfie is ok for fun now and then, but perhaps need to think of this verse should our selfies become a too prolific.

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