Pathways of grey area

It is popular in our time and culture to resist either/or, black/white, and good/bad polarities.  Some love to cling to “grey area,”  others see a spectrum of color that enjoys the rainbow too much to force things into simple black and white categories.   Although there have been blessings in recognizing diversity of opinions, appreciating ambiguity, and a certain humility in accepting that we cannot or do not always see all the evidence and must be tenative about some of our conclusions, is it possible that we have missed a simple truth to black/white?

Psalm 1 speaks of the “Blessed who follow the way of God,” and the “wicked who do not.”  Both of these paths lead somewhere; not the same “somewhere.”  Given all the grey areas and living color that show the complexities of life, is it possible that there is still a foundational direction we choose and walk?  Is it possible that we don’t have to deny grey area in order to affirm that one who follows God and His ways follows a path that leads to blessedness?

What if we choose to get lost in complexity and grey area because we want to just do our own thing and walk our own way, travel our own path, or choose our own experience?  What if this is simply an expression of choosing to walk another way than God’s way.

What pathway are you on these days?   What pathway and destination do you want to define your life and living?

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