Weddings and Priorities

I have not posted for the past few weeks.  Why?  Because there’s been a wedding in my family.  Reflecting on my absence from writing I began to think how everything else in life is put on hold when you are preparing for a wedding.  This is true if your the bride and groom, if you are the parents of the bride and groom, if you are in the wedding party, and at various levels for the people who come to celebrate at the ceremony and the reception.

The wedding of our daughter and new son was wonderful!   It was filled with joy, love, tears, and dancing, as a wedding should be.

This priority of wedding just happens.  It does not appear that we think it through much, we don’t weigh every decision, we just do our part.  We do whatever it takes to prepare for the wedding, to pay for the wedding, to get to the wedding, to celebrate well; because this day is important!   It is easy to make it a priority!

I wonder if when Jesus spoke about, “Seeking first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33), this is more the spirit of what he had in mind.   So often we make the invitation of the Gospel and the Kingdom a tough, rough decision; something to struggle our way into.  It sometimes feels as if our approach is, “I’d really like to make this a priority, but it is simply too hard.”  I wonder, just wonder, if Jesus had something else in mind.  I wonder if he meant “Seek first the Kingdom of God” like going to your daughter’s wedding.  Yes, there may be work and inconveniences along the way, but none of it matters in the end, because the wedding itself is just so valuable, so joyful, so life giving.  What if the Kingdom is a joyous dance that could engage our hearts and beings fully?  What if the Kingdom of God could be the priority of our lives like that?

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