“Love you” autocorrect

The auto-correct feature on our phones can produce some very funny results.  Numerous times over the past week I’ve laughed over what I thought I was saying and how it was passed along wrong when I hit the “SEND” button before correcting the auto-correcting.   It can be a lot like the game we played as kids; where a secret was started on one end of the line and passed down one person at a time until it got to the other end of the line.  Often the message would be strangely distorted by the time it made its way down the line.   Now we can distort all by ourselves thanks to auto-correct.

This last week my wife texted me.  I do not know what she actually wrote, if he had something spelled wrong that got corrected right, or if the internal mind of the device just took over, but she texted a sentence followed by “love you.”  On my end, I received her message followed by “love us.”

At first, I laughed about the auto-correct feature assuming it just to be another humorous change up, but then I got thinking about “Love us.”   “Love you,” is a wonderful phrase. We ought to use it often.  I like to know people love me, appreciate me, and have positive feelings about being with me.  However, I got thinking, how nice to know that I am not just loved as a person myself, but that I am loved as part of an “us.” I got to thinking how blessed I am to be loved as a togetherness.   This is just as important in life as being loved for who we are, to be loved as part of a relationship.  Whether part of the family, part of a marriage, part of a deep friendship, or part of a church family or group; we all need to know that those we are apart of love us, together.  God loves us. He also makes us His children and places us in a family where we can find both kinds of love.

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