This semester at college I am teaching/facilitating a Senior Seminar Class. One of the sections of the class is focused upon worldview.  We are reading and reflecting on the modern versus postmodern world view, probing questions that might help us articulate our worldview, and trying to understand basic assumptions which might help us understand our worldview, other worldviews, and how we might learn to communicate, sharing and listening in conversations with people who may reflect a very different worldview than our own.

I have come to see in this conversation with students that at least one foundation piece for many is a belief in God.  This should be surprising since my context is a Christian College.  There are some who articulate a disbelief or an uncertainty about a god or a Christian god, but that is rarer where I am.  There is however a range of belief about God; whether one sees God as close, far away, concerned with the world or having turned his attention elsewhere is a little more up for grabs.   Even though many believe in God, by their own confession, many act as if much of life is simply up to them and what they do to make a life for themselves.   Though many seek to “do God’s will” or “serve God,” still there is a sense that they must figure it out and take action to secure their future in job, family, and life.

There are those who look at the image link with this writing and see, “God is no where.” Others look at the same world and evidence and see, “God is now here.”  This difference in worldview changes everything.   Notice that is not simply a question of whether God exists, it is more about the presence of God and whether this God is connecting to our life in meaningful ways.

Where are you these days?  Is God present to you and does His presence make a difference in your life and decisions?  Does God exist but unconcerned with human life on earth?  Is there no God or no way to know the presence of God in our lives? How will you answer to this change everything else in your worldview and in your everyday living?


  1. The word “no” is a more commonly used word than the word “now”; therefore, the obvious most likely viewing of your sign would read, GOD IS NOWHERE! Duh! It’s not rocket science!


    • Hey Dan, thanks for your perspective. Perhaps not the best graphic to convey the point. I was really just trying to bring the issue to light: how our worldview is radically changed by our view of God and what God is like.


      • “no” is one of the first words learned by children. It is no wonder that it is so deeply ingrained within us.


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