Bookend your days with Jesus!

The other day I was looking up bookends online.  Crazy! There are all kinds of bookends.  Your basic metal boring ones, LP vinyl one, gears, bikes, Star Wars action figures, goldfish bowls, rocks, and lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!  Even though there are thousands of different bookends, they essential all serve the same purpose; they hold up books.

Their purpose is important. Have you ever put books on a shelf, holding on with one hand, trying to get the to stay standing while reaching for a few more books.  I have.  More than once my books slid to a flat resting place on the shelf, instead of the alert, proud standing books that were desired on the shelf.  Books need help standing up straight.  The pull of gravity, the slipperiness of the shelf, the weight of the books in a row all favor a downward motion without the help of the usually humble bookends.

Well, as you begin the semester, remember that all of us will live our days with pressures, weights, the reality of slipperiness and the falls that go with it.   Our lives sometimes will making it easier to lay down than to stand up.  You and I need bookends!  We need Jesus to bookend our days, to hold us up in the morning and to keep us standing at the end of the day.

In 1 Corinthians 16:13 the Apostle Paul calls us, “Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.”  Standing firm in our faith with strength and courage is not something we just do in our own strength.  An important part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the recognition that we can do all things through him.  Consider asking Jesus to be your bookends to help you stand firm in your faith from rising to setting sun.

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