Rejoice along the way!

We just finished the first week of the semester at Roberts Wesleyan College.   I have had conversations with students who feel overwhelmed after seeing all the syllabi and the work before them this semester.  I have talked to others that are so excited to be here and looking forward to the weekend and all that stretches out before them.   I have talked to a few that miss home already.  (Of course the conversations with faculty and staff echoed these sentiments as well).

I got thinking as I observed all these responses to the first week of college.  Whatever our responses and feelings, it seems that we should take a pause, take a breath and just rejoice that we all made it this far.  You made it through the first week; Rejoice!

It may seem trite or silly, but I wonder sometimes if we are so focused upon goals and finishing things, that we never take seriously the joy of the movement and change that takes place over time.  Making it through a week may not seem big, but we are different at the end of this week than we were at the beginning.  The events of this week lead us closer to the goal; yet beyond this, we have met some new people, discovered some new idea, experienced a new feeling or noticed a need and stepped in to help.  How we reach our goals matters. Seems to me that at the end of every week there is some room for rejoicing.  Maybe that is what God had in mind with this thing called Sabbath?

Jesus tells a parable in Mark 4:26-29.  A seed is planted, a seed sprouts, a plant grows day after day and night after night.  Once day the harvest comes, but there would be no harvest without the days and nights and weeks from the seed dropped in the soil to the produce of the land ready for picking.  Let’s not keep the joy and gladness of life just for the completion party, let’s learn to rejoice along the way.  Every step, every day, every week lived is important and worth celebrating.


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