Remembering why we are doing it

Some of you who follow may wonder where “ROOTED” went the past few monYour-WHYths.  Perhaps it wasn’t feeling very rooted at all. The fact is I needed some rest from many things that keep me too busy to reflect, to evaluate, to listen for the voice of God.  In the Bible and the Christian Faith this is the purpose of Sabbath rest; at least one of the important aspects of it.

In the midst of our multi-tasking, the loudness of life, and pursuits of many things, it is easy to forget why we do the things we do.  This summer was a time for me to do some remembering why and evaluate why I write ROOTED and consider if it has value in writing once or twice a week.

My original purpose was to offer some devotional thoughts, stories, and reflections that would offer help to college students seeking to engage in conversation with God about important topics, biblical passages, honest prayers, and grow deeper in their faith.   I did not set out to give simple answers to important questions, but rather to open readers who seek, who desire, who pray and who look for God in the midst of life to see God’s hand, hear the voice of Jesus, and sense the moving of the Spirit through little, normal, plain occurrences and happenings of life.   To this end, I will continue having rediscovered and affirmed my “why.”

So I invite you, as we near the beginnings of another year at college, to stop and reflect for a bit on your “whys” in life.   Why I am going to college?  Why am I pursuing this dream?  Why do I hang with the people I do?  Why do I choose the things I do?

When challenged with the events and obstacles of life, many choose to question God with this “why.”  Why is this happening to me? Why did you not stop this from happening? Why do I have to go through this or that?

Sometimes remembering the why, whether in our decisions and actions or in contemplating God’s ways:

we find clarity and affirmation,

sometimes our faith is strengthened,

sometimes we gain new perspectives and new direction,

sometimes we gain a little more gratitude for the blessings all around us.

Take some time this week to remember your why.  Feel free to invite God into the conversation.

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