Living in the Shadow Days

shadows“Even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.”

– Psalm 139:12

For most of us human experience proves that there are good times and bad time, joys and sorrows, prosperity and want, and light and darkness.   Sometimes however our perspective on these realities in the midst of our experiences is confused or altogether skewed.   When you are living in a shadow it is often hard to acknowledge the light; of course, the shadow cannot exist without the light.

Often our emotional ups and downs are more tied to the where we find ourselves standing.  Are we standing in the light? The darkness of shadow can sneak up on us, since we do not even see the darkness from where we are right now.  Are we standing in the darkened shadows?  Perhaps we would be surprised to see that we are surrounded by light, if only we could step back a bit.

In our confusion. misperceptions, biased perspectives and the like, it is easy to become discouraged and hopeless or to have a false sense of security.  It’s good to know that we have a God who stands outside of our dilemma and reminds us that “even the darkness is not dark to him; light shines like day.  God see a broader and bigger picture than we do perhaps we can learn to trust Him no matter where we are standing these days.  “Lord, help us to see this world, as though we are looking through your eyes.”

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