As a religion/philosopher major, with a Psychology minor and seminary theological education after that I must admit, sometimes conversations and thoughtful discussions can get a little focused on complexities and definitions that the average person does not think about or care about.  I affirm that God has given us all different gifts and that there is a need for thoughtful reflection on the scriptures and theological understanding; but sometimes there is a need to come back to the simple things that are the truths that undergird all our reflection and life.

There is a famous story of Karl Barth, a great theology, who when asked what the greatest thought he ever had been (or something like that), replied with “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” These words of a simple children’s song kept the great theology both grounded and humbled.

So for me, sometimes I come back to a simple prayer that I wrote a number of years ago as a song.  It is a prayer that grounds me when life gets to complex and I forget why I am here and what I am doing.  It’s a prayer that simply reminds me, that I am not all that I can be, but through Christ I can be more like him to bring glory to God. Sometimes I just need to simplify.


To walk as You walked,

To see as You see,

To love as You love,

This my prayer, my heart’s desire.

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